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Who Am I?


Who Am I?

Hi my name is Roxy,

In a nutshell, I discovered my passion for hair when I was 20 and have worked in Mayfair ever since. I am based in a leading Mayfair salon and have had the opportunity to work on photo shoots, red carpet events, london fashion week and many weddings. I met my future husband 6 years ago whilst assisting him in our salon and have never looked back since. With 19 years under his belt and 7 years under mine you could say I have had my very own one on one teacher on top of the training I already had.


Having my Fiancé beside me in the same industry has been an extra bonus, but i cant let him take all the credit… I like to think I have a natural flair for hair up and recreating looks from the red carpet or the catwalk as well as creating a beautiful bridal look!

With the hair industry continuously thriving and a new hair style in the papers every month, I want to share in my blog, beauty tips to help you recreate these looks at home. Although I am experienced in hair, I am also a woman who loves all things to do with clothes and make up, so will also be sharing any tips i pick up on my journey through life! In the next coming months particularly this will also include tips for the blushing bride as I am walking down the aisle on the 29th of July this year and have already discovered there is alot to think about on top of how I will do my hair!

As I embark on starting my blog, I am open to any requests on what you’d like to read about so please just drop me an email via my contacts page.

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  • Hi Roxy,

    I shot Lisa and Matt’s wedding at Pennyhill Park last weekend and thought you might like to see the pictures that have gone up on my blog. Please follow the URL below to go to their blog post….

    If you see any pictures you like then let me know and I can forward them to you.

    Kind regards,


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