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Wedding Bliss

So after many years of designing wedding hair for all the wonderful Brides that have crossed my path, it was finally my time to be that special Bride.

On the 29th July 2015 Dino and I finally tied the knot after a year of planning what was the happiest day of our lives yet.

wed2I always wondered how well I would do planning our own wedding after seeing many Brides enjoying every moment of planning and breezing through all the organising, others finding it very stressful and not enjoying it at all.

In all honesty, it was harder than I thought it would be…

We decided to get wed in Cyprus in an amazing venue called Galu Seaside in Larnaca. It was a beach
restaurant and not a holiday resort which meant we had to do our planning ourselves.

Planing a wedding in a different country was a hard task and if I were to change anything I would definatly hire a wedding planner.

Your wedding day is a truly special day and every moment leading up to it should be memories that you treasure forever!

I was very lucky that Dino was a great help in the planning otherwise things would have been far more stressful.

Picking my dress wasn’t easy. Dino was very keen to be part of this process as we always love to shop together, however him not seeing my dress was one of the traditions I wanted to keep.

After searching about 6 dress shops Ifinally found a dress I fell in love with, and yes its true – you do ‘just know’, so then I started to think of the hair.

This…funnily enough, was the hardest part for me!

I love creating new hair styles but when it came to my own hair, I hit a brick wall.

I went through the same steps as many other Brides do. I tried styles that I loved the look of but didn’t suit me.

What I didn’t do was ask myself the questions I ask all the Brides that cross my path.

It’s very easy to get carried away with making yourself look your very best, but its so important that you still look yourself on your wedding day. After all you still want your husband to be, to recognise you as you walk down the aisle to him.

I decided to wear my hair up high with volume. I wear my hair up quite often and even if its a scruffy bun when I’m going to the gym,    its always on top of my head never low down.

My advice is to take on board how you wear your hair on a day to day basis and go from there.

Once all the planning and fine details had been finalised, it was time to relax!

Our wedding Day was everything I could have imagined it to be and more.

Although we got married at 5pm, the time we spent getting ready went far too quickly. Its easy to think you have plenty of time but on your wedding day always expect everything to take longer, especially if you are doing hair or make up yourself.

Although I can do my own hair, I chose not to on this day incase I was nervous or too stressed. I did however do my bridesmaids hair. No matter what situation I’m in or how little time I have, I can’t resist getting my hands on hair and that didn’t change on my wedding day.


It was the best day of our lives and Im sure every person who has got married will agree that the day flies by in an instant.

I am so blissfully happy and the one piece of adviceI want to give to all brides is, enjoy every moment, DO NOT let small details stress you out, your marrying the man of your dreams and thats all that matters! The day flies by far too quickly to cherish every moment!




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