Bridal Hair

Bridal hair is so close to my heart, I dreamed for so long about my own Wedding and it was the most amazing time of my life! I am now so grateful to share one of the most important days, with so many wonderful Brides. I understand the importance of looking and feeling amazing. Therefore my aim is to help you choose a style that emphasises your greatest features, that makes you feel beautiful and ultimately reflects you. Nothing is more breath-taking than a woman’s natural beauty so looking yourself is key. It doesn’t stop there though! I’m always able to help in other ways if I can, from other recommendations to helping you or the bridesmaids in to their dresses. Planning you Wedding is sometimes tricky so if I can help I will.

Wedding Hair Trial

Hair trials take place at my home studio in Surrey and I spend anywhere between 1 – 2 hours with you. During your hair trial I can get to know you and work out what styles will make you feel amazing and go well with your dress.

Some brides know exactly what they want and we nail it on the first style. Don’t worry if this isn’t you.  It’s not often you have to decide on a hairstyle for your wedding day . This is why I allow time to try different styles so you can really get an idea of what you like and what feels like you .

One thing I have to stress is that it’s all about enhancing your natural beauty and trust me when you feel comfortable and like yourself, You will shine!

For some more tips and what to expect on your wedding trial check out my blog.

Extensions and Padding

So often I have Brides tell me they don’t have long hair or they’re worried they’re hair isn’t right for the hairstyle they like. So many styles you see on Pinterest have extensions in, and you would never know! In fact some styles need the extra help of some clip in extensions, even if you have long thick hair. That’s why I have a selection of extensions so we can try them out on your trial. There is no guessing or imagining what you hair would be like if you had them. I offer the option of hiring my clip ins or I can order your own set for you to keep and use again.

If your looking for a more permanent type of extensions I can also supply and fit these for you. For more information on the types of extension that might be right for you head over to my extensions page.

Wedding Day

After your trial where we discuss all the small but important details, I will do a timetable for the day to ensure the day runs perfectly alongside any makeup artists you may have. I can do this with your makeup artist so you have one less thing to worry about. As a guide for your wedding day are normally allowed 90 minutes to the bride on 45 to 60 minutes for everyone else.