Keratin Treatment

A keratin treatment or as some may know it, the Brazilian blow dry, is designed for someone with frizzy unruly hair. If your hair is resistant and you struggle with blow drying your hair smooth, this treatment is perfect for you. The treatment lasts approximately 3 months until it slowly washes out of your hair. It will reduce the amount of frizz you have and make blow drying your hair a pleasure and not a chore. It’s not a straightener so you can still achieve movement and body in your hair with ease. After having this treatment you must use a sulphate free shampoo for the treatment to last as long as possible.


How Does a Keratin Work?

All hair is made up of keratin. The more keratin one has in their hair the smoother and straighter you hair naturally is. Those with frizzy, unruly locks, have less keratin in their hair. The treatment is designed to deposit keratin into the hair, in order to create a smoother finish for you. The treatment is not damaging to your hair and will help bring your hair back to a healthy condition if it’s been exposed to too much heat previously. After the treatment, the time it takes you to blow dry will be halved, and therefore your hair will not be exposed to as much heat.