Who are 1-2-1 lessons for?

1-2-1 lessons are for hairstylists of all levels. My Lessons are completely designed to your needs, So you can be a complete beginner or simply want to widen your knowledge of hair up.

What the Lessons involve?

1-2-1 lessons are completely bespoke to you, working at your pace and on the areas you need help with.

Areas covered:

Prep: Learn what products and tools are best to prep hair with and what works with different hair types.

Sectioning: learn how to section hair effectively to make creating your styles easy.

Curls: learn how to create different curls and how to make them last.

Padding: How to use padding and where to place it.

Extensions: How to correctly use extensions and best placement for different styles

Consultation: Learn how to have a successful consultation with your Brides and how to manage their expectations, Pinterest vs reality.

Instagram Tips: Tips on how to grow your following and clientele through Instagram.

Photography: Learn how to take clean beautiful photos for your Instagram feed and website.

Full use of my products and equipment is available however if you bring along your own kit too we can work with what you have and build a list of must haves for you.

Standard lessons run weekdays 9.30 – 2.30pm