Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are in such high demand now and there are many different methods of application. It’s important to know what application would best suit your life style and hair type and I pride myself on advising you on the best option to keep your hair healthy.  I use a few different brands of hair which include Beautyworks, Sway and Prestige all of which are double drawn and cuticle correct.


During the consultation the following will be discussed. What type of extensions would better suit your hair type and lifestyle. Colour matching the hair to create a perfect colour blend. Desired length of hair which is recommended not be any longer than double the length of your natural hair. Checking for any contraindications that may prevent the application of hair extensions.

Nano Bonds

These are the smallest bonds. Each strand is around 0.8g per bond so are better suited to finer hair as they are less detectable, and lighter. Each strand is attached to a small amount of hair close to the root with a colour matched copper ring.

Micro Bonds

These are slightly bigger than the Nano bonds in the Beauty Works range. Each strand is around 1g per bond and still very small but better suited to thicker hair. It is the same process of application of Nano Bonds.

With Nano Bonds and Micro Bonds they are applied with no heat or glue and the extensions can be reused  for up to a year if cared for properly. Maintenance appointments are required every 6 weeks and hair will need to be removed after 3 months and rotated and re-applied.

Pre Bonded

Pre-bonded hair extensions are bonded to the hair with keratin and are the strongest method of application. These are better suited to someone who wants a more permanent method. These bonds need to be removed after 3 months and although the hair can be re-tipped and reused it’s not as quick as the nano or micro bonds.

Re – tipping

To re tip your pre bonded extensions two appointments would be required.

First appointment would be to remove the extensions. This would be a good opportunity to get your roots or highlights touched up by your colourist before your refit. I then re-tip your extensions ready for your 2nd appointment to refit your hair again.

Clip in extensions

Clip in extensions are perfect for adding length and volume on days where you just feel like it. Many brides choose these to boost their own hair on their wedding day. Giving them the added bonus of being able to use them again and again for all those special events.


A maintenance appointment is required for nano and micro bonds after 6 weeks. This is to check for any matting of the hair at the root and to ensure the condition of the natural hair and scalp is maintained. Any bonds that have slid down or fallen out will be replaced and all other bonds will be tightened.


During the application process I will trim the natural hair of split ends before bonds are applied to ensure a perfect natural blend. Bonds will be applied with precision, with clean sectioning.

Once the bonds have been applied I will cut and style the extensions to blend with your natural hair. This is done by only cutting the hair extensions. This is so your natural hair shape is not affected when you remove the extensions.

Removal and Rotation

After 3 months hair extensions must either be removed if no longer desired or rotated. Rotation includes removing bonds row by row and moving them slightly to give your natural hair a break. Removal includes a cut and blow dry.