Head Scarf Hairstyles – Easy Hair Ups.

Head Scarf Hairstyles are a wicked trend at the minute. If you’re like me and love fashion and trends, but spend little time on yourself, then go grab one!

To best describe myself, I would say I have all the intensions of dressing amazing and doing my hair and make up every day. The reality is most days I wear no make up, I dont brush my hair and I wear the ugliest, but comfiest clothes that my kids are likely to destroy. I am the typical mum trying to keep my shit together, build my business and look amazing while I do it.

When I do make an effort I still find myself trying to change up an outfit i’ve had for years; and do my hair and make up in the space of about 15 minutes. Can anyone relate to this? It’s not just us mums, it’s the ladies that love an extra 20 minutes in bed and a mad rush to work. Or the ladies that want to change up thier corporate work outfit for after work drinks. I’m talking to you!

There are so many ways you can use a head scarf, some very complex, but I’ve chosen the simpliest and easiest ways to share with you. They switch up your every day hairstyles in seconds and add a pop of colour.

The Messy Bun Head Scarf

The messy bun has got to be the quickest and is probably the most popular hairstyle us ladies do. Just add a headscarf for something different. Wrap it round the nape of your neck and over the top of your ears and tie a knot. Pull a few tendrils down and Bam! your done! You might need to add a couple of hair grips to keep it secure. you can hide these behind the ears and behind the knot at the front.

Hair Down Head Scarf

Squeeze another day out of your blow dry with this one. Dry shampoo the roots a little and get wrapping. You can buy elasticated head bands like this but I love having the scarf flow freely at the back. Start from the back of the head, twist it at the forehead and tie at the back again. Tease the hair at the root a little, to give you some volume and your ready to go. It looks best covering the front hairline but just have a play around and you’ll find whats comfortable for you.

The Cute Pony Tail

By far the easiest of them all – The pony Tail. Get some body in your hair with dry shampoo or my favourite IGK beach club texture spray. Spray the roots and if your feeling like it back comb a little. Tie your hair up into a pony tail and tie the head scarf round the hair band. Simple as that. To get a little more body, back comb the ponytail and blast some more texture spray or hairspray resulting in a messy pony.

Half Up Head Scarf

I love this one! It reminds me of a cute holiday hair up. That’s not to say it can’t be worn anywere. Use some texture spray at the roots to create some volume and texture. Take the top section of hair and tie in to a knot, just above ear level. I like to leave some hair loose around the front and at the side to create a soft boho vibe. Take a section of hair about an inch thick and pin it up and out the way. Now postion the head band along the front hair line and over the top of the ears and tie in a knot under the bun. Let the section of hair you pinned out the way down, to cover the back of the head band. Easy Peasy!

Fishtail Scarf

Ok, so it’s not the easiest, especially if you can’t do a fishtail, but if you can fishtail braid and your up for a challenge then give it a go. Pull all the hair back into a low pontail at the nape. Section the hair into two pieces as you would normally do a fishtail plait and place the scarf at the nape. When you start your fishtail braid, instead of using hair use the head scarf as your first section. Every third sction you braid, instead of using hair, you would replace it with the scarf.

Eg. Scarf, Hair, Hair, Scarf, Hair Hair Scarf, and so on. This will result in an even ration of scarf and braid in the final look. If you just add the scarf into your two sections, it will get lost under the hair. Tie the braid and lastly tease the hair and the scarf out a little to creat a chunky fishtail scarf braid.

Love love love it! It looks great on shorter hair too! who said you had to have long hair to have a beautiful braid?

If you feel like you need to try something different then do it! These head scarfs are only from Primark for a couple of quid so if you try it and think its not your thing then you’re not wasting lots of money. Nothing ventured nothing gained! For more hair ideas, take a look at my inspiration gallery or if you’re a bride to be take a look at my bridal gallery.

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