London Bridal Fashion Week :Backstage

What an experience being part of London Bridal Fashion Week was! Being surrounded by phenomenal wedding dresses and meeting other like minded hair stylists!

The Team and Catwalk Sponsors

London Bridal Fashion week has been by far the best show ive worked on. I live, breath and eat anything to do with weddings, so being behind the scenes at the Excel centre was amazing!

The hair and make up team consisted of 11 artists, led by MG Hair and Make up and the sponsors were incredible! IGK Hair, Make up Atelier Paris and The Kit Stars. If you get the chance to use any of their products, I would highly recommend them! I will be writing another blog on the products I love so keep your eyes peeled!

Bridal Fashion Week Behind The Scenes

Working on hair for Fashion shows is completely the opposite to working on a brides hair. You have no choice but to work fast, as during some shows the models had to change up to 7 times, which meant different hair accessories too. It was such a buzz!

With dressers on hand to help the models change, the turn around takes 20-30 seconds. Then they have to be back on the catwalk. All the while us hair stylists are reaching over, changing hair pieces and checking the hair is still in place! For those of you who have met me, this isn’t the easiest of tasks when your short and the models are towering over you!

The buzz of this is quite something! After each show most models and dressers would do a little victory dance. So for a lot of people that say modelling is easy, think again!

Fashion Week Inspiration

This years catwalk hair consisted of Hollywood waves, beachy waves, pony tails and messy chignons. All of which have been a popular choice and still continue to be!

For my brides I always suggest creating a hair style that feels like them and enhances thier natural beauty. This means hair is usually quite timeless.

Some brides sometimes feel thier hair may be too plain or it isn’t special enough for thier wedding day. But unless you create some far out there styles on yourself on a day to day basis, your wedding hair may be a really polished version of one of your every day styles. For this reason, I love to suggest a statement accessory and the catwalk is where you will find these!

Bridal Fashion Week Trends

I have seen capes, hoods, oversized crowns and so much more all on the catwalk which seem way out there. These styles do eventually filter thier way through to the every day bride.

I would love to say I wear a flower crown most days at work or a Tiara, but most of us don’t. I’m sure we’d get funny looks rocking up to the office wearing a crown. All the more reason to find that special something to elevate your hair and make up and bring another dimension to your wedding style.

Of course your wedding dress will be a show stopper, but why not go all out. You only get married once!

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