Christmas Gifts for Hair and Beauty 2019

Christmas Gifts shopping is looming and and to make life easy, here are my top 5 Christmas gifts to treat your loved ones…or yourself 🙂

ASOS Design Felt Panama Hat

I love this hat! I know I’m going to get so much use out of it this winter which is why it’s in my top Christmas gifts list.

So keeping warm can sometimes ruin your style. I love a hat in winter but hate the hat hair a woolly hat can cause.

This hat works really well as it’s not so hugging on the head but still keeps you warm and sheltered from the rain. So no running mascara here either!

I also have a really big head lol so the adjustable string on the inside is perfect to adjust to any size!

This only cost £20 from ASOS… Bargain! This is such a nice gift but I can definitely say I’ll be treating my self to some more colours and styles and maybe my sister will get one for her Christmas gift this year 🙂

For more info on how to tackle hat hair check out my previous blog How to keep your hair healthy in winter.

Keep The Faith London Towels Christmas Gifts

These towels make excellent Christmas gifts for any woman who values thier time….which is everyone right?

I’ve used this towel a few times now and actually won’t use anything else now I’ve tried it. To put it simply these towels dry your hair quicker and are so compact!

They are a velvety microfibre towel, which feel a bit like a soft suede texture, so when you wrap your hair up they feel tight and secure. Unlike a normal towel that is heavy and always flops off your head.

They absorb 3 times it’s weight in water and they are also quick drying too. This makes for the perfect gym goer too, who washes thier hair in the gym. It’s so small it hardly takes any room up in the gym bag and by the time your ready to blast your hair dry your hair will be half dried before you pick up the hair dryer!

I even tested it on my 3 year old. She has more hair than I do, so when her hair gets washed it’s a race against time to brush and dry it before she gets fed up. This is a game changer for a mum! Small and light enough, it stays on her head and after 5 minutes of it being wrapped up there was NO excess water. Plus she loved looking like mummy…matchy, matchy, lol.

I only have the small towels for my hair, but Keep The Faith London also do extra large beach towels that totally cover a sun lounger too. These will be my next buy for my summer holiday. quick drying, fast absorbing and the sand roll right off!

To get your own hair towel head over to Keep The Faith London the small hair towels are £12.

Hair Products Ideal for Christmas Gifts

Anyone who loves a bit of root lift and texture, these are fab Christmas gifts. I have been trying out a few different products from SGX NYC and I particularly love these two. All SGX NYC products are 100% vegan friendly and free from Parabens, petrolatum, sulphates, mineral oil and gluten. To top it off how gorgeous do they look!

Dry Touch Volumising Dry Shampoo

We all love a bit of dry shampoo to take us through to the next day and I cant complain about this one.

It’s very light and you can build it up gradually so no big white patches with the first spray. Idea for all hair types but particularly fine hair as it wont over load your hair. It smells fabulous which we always want.

I use dry shampoo for the obvious reason of eliminating greasy hair but, I would also use this for volume and texture. Apply it to the roots and a little all over to give some soft texture.

The do it all 3 – in – 1 Dry Texture Spray

This is a great product and it does what it says on the bottle. It’s a mix of dry shampoo and hair spray. I would use this alongside the dry shampoo to add even more volume and texture. A key reason why I like this one is because it’s not sticky at all! Some texture sprays are sticky and if you apply too much there’s no saving the hair style. Again it is quite a light product, so great for fine hair especially, but fab for all hair types. Perfect for an afternoon pick me up before some evening cocktails, or the perfect prep for a hair up. This is now a firm favourite in my hair kit.

Both products can be purchased from Boots and cost £7.99 each.

ASOS Design Rib Headband – The Cute Christmas Gifts

These headbands are so cute and obviously I had to get the red and tobacco set as I am totally in the festive spirit!

The sizing is spot on and as I have mentioned a couple of times, my head is on the bigger side and these fit great. They are slightly stretchy so perfect for all the pea heads and big heads out there lol.

These are another great alternative to a full on woolly hat to prevent the dreaded flat, hat hair and also perfect to keep you warm when your hair is tied up. A woolly hat never looks good when your hair is tied up, it just gives you an alien shaped head. Massive No No lol.

For anyone who likes running in the cold, these are great, you don’t over heat wearing it but if you’re like me I get ear ache running in the cold. Ears are toastie and you ear phones stay in! No excuses for me now not to run lol.

These are also a bargain from ASOS at £8 for two. You can also get a black and burgundy set.

Back Chat Beauty – The Beauty Guide For Real Life

Ok so not totally hair related but I love this one.

I haven’t read a book since having kids and I miss it. This is a great read to dip in and out of as and when you have time. Its also a guide that you can keep referring too.

I only do hair but I love make up and learning different techniques. It literally has everything in it, from the basics of applying foundation, prepping for your holiday, to how to deal with a break up.

I found out about this book from following one of the authors – Lisa Potter – Dixon. She is full of knowledge and so funny to watch on her IGTV. Now whenever I read from this book I hear her voice as it’s written in an informal way like they’re talking to you.

It’s such a beautiful book full of tips and tricks FOR EVERYTHING make up. It also has some beautiful imagery too. It’s such a gorgeous gift for any women that has an interest in make up. I know I’d be happy to get this a gift!

Find it on Amazon for £9.92

There it is, my top 5 Christmas Gifts! Happy Shopping People!

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