2020 Christmas Gift Guide: treat yourself or someone else

My 2020 Christmas Gift Guide is here and it’s filled with everything I love and not just hair related, but the small luxuries I love.

With Covid, taking over this year I have focused my 2020 Christmas gift guide on affordable products and included some of my favourite brands.

Doap Beauty is a Christmas Gift Must

Doap Beauty is a small independent skincare company creating their own recipes of bath oils, bath bombs, pillow mist, body butters, candles, sugar scrubs and more!

They have an array of products in different scents and all so reasonably priced! Make sure you follow them on Instagram as they are doing some special offers over the Christmas period. Starting 1st December, they are doing 12 days of Christmas, with a different offer each day! Support this small business and please don’t miss out.

Their products are all ethically sourced, vegan and cruelty free. Not to mention their packaging is gorgeous and all reusable and recyclable. What’s not to love already.

As I have mentioned recently I have had more time in lock down to give myself a little bit of ‘me’ time. I didn’t realise how much it’s needed for one, and how much I’ve missed it since having my kids.

The brand has blown me away! Packaging has always been a big thing for me. I’m a stationary geek so if it looks nice, I’m interested. The fact the products are such high quality, makes me so happy.

Sweet Orange & Jasmine Aromatherapy Bath bomb

Lets Start with the bath bomb. I tried the Sweet Orange & Jasmine Aromatherapy Bath bomb. It’s designed to relieve anxiety and reduce stress. Packed with Pink Himalayan Salt, almond oil, orange peel, Jasmine and lots of other goodies to leave your skin feeling lush. It certainly exceeded my expectations, and earn ‘t it’s place on my 2020 Christmas Gift Guide. Often after a bath bomb I can feel gritty bits at the bottom of the bath. This didn’t happen at all. It fizzed away, dissolved and made my skin feel super soft. I’ve always bought bath bombs just for the fun factor of watching them fizz but I can safely say I reaped the benefits with this one. A perfect stocking filler.

Marshmallow Whipped Body Butter and Sugar Body Scrub

I’ll be honest, a while back I tried making my own sugar body scrub with sugar and olive oil. It felt like sand paper and I didn’t smell great after lol. The marshmallow body scrub on the other hand is perfectly balanced, I love an exfoliator that I can really feel working. This is it! It exfoliates and moisturises at the same time. My skin felt invigorated and glistened. Pair this with the Body Butter and they are the perfect marriage.

skincare Christmas gift

Marshmallow Whipped Luxury Body Butter

So before I tried this I assumed the texture of this WHIPPED body butter would be as light as whipped cream, but the consistency is much more like butter. In hindsight this is way better as you get far more packed into the jar. Full of plant based ingredients, vitamins, and omega 3 it’s designed to deeply moisturize and repair the suppleness and elasticity of your skin. You really don’t need too much of this, as it dissolves into an oil, so it’s so gorgeous to rub in. I was worried it would leave me feeling oily, but once again, that concern vanished rapidly. It soaked in so quickly, I could jump straight into bed instead of waiting to dry.

Lavender & Herb Spray

This is definitely a favourite of mine! More recently I have struggled with sleeping. I come up with all my to do lists in bed when I should be thinking of nothing. Pair that with two children who worm thier way in to my bed at night equals no sleep. This spray for me is dreamy. It has a spot on my bed side table and I’ve used it every night. I love the smell of lavender so it makes me breathe deeply and concentrate on my breathing, instead of my next Instagram post. My husband finds strong smells trigger his Asthma and even he has enjoyed this. It’s the perfect strength to help me relax and drift off to sleep.

gift guide pillow spray

Love From Lucy: perfect Christmas Gifts

I absolutely love these personalised Baubles and everything else on this page! Love from Lucy is a brand new business my cousin has started. Every day she’s adding new items from backpacks and clothes to everything you need to keep organised in your home, Mrs Hinch Style.

My husband will tell you how much I like things to match. It drives him insane but I love it. Soon my kitchen cupboards will be filled with labelled boxed and bottles and I CAN’T WAIT.

My other purchase from Lucy was this personalised hand sanitiser. I’m guilty of losing my sanitisers all the time so this one will be clipped to my kit ready for when i can start Bridal Hair and Shoots again!

Love from Lucy is currently on facebook and instagram. Give her a follow and support another small business during this hard time!

Keep The Faith Towels: Christmas Gift Favorite

These featured in my last Christmas blog and they are firmly staying put again this year for different reasons. I now have a large collection of keep the faith towels, and have now got rid of all my other towels. They are GAME CHANGING! My pet hate in the bathroom is the amount of fluff and dust that collects on the floor and it’s all because of the fluffy towels! I now have these towels neatly folded over my towel rail and I hoover the bathroom SO much less than before! Not to mention my airing cupboard now is the home for all my extra kit as I have 95% more space now I have these towels.

I also took these towels on holiday and not only did they take up next to nothing of my weight allowance and space in my case, but I was happy to carry them in my beach bag.

This year we were luckily enough to get away on holiday. The hotel we stayed at provided beach towel. 1st day my husband insisted on using these, it was a nightmare. When we went back to our room the towels were heavy and damp, took up all my space in my bag and were also hung on the shoulder. On top of these we had multiple inflatables to carry and a 3 year old that wanted to be carried. I felt like I needed a shopping trolley to carry it all.

We used my towels the next day for the rest of the holiday.

These towels are micro fibre and absorb water so fast and dry quickly too.

They also come in the cutest little bags and fold up small than a magazine. It’s a no brainer when it comes to towels now!

Another small business I love and support. There are offers on at the moment, but I also have a discount code for you all for 20% off. So head over to her website and use code ROXY20.

Adorn By BP

Adorn by B is the sister company to The Bobby Pin UK. It has everything from earrings and necklace’s to headbands and rings. Everything is so unique and super cute! I could quite literally could buy everything on her site.

These earrings have been my latest purchase and I love them! I usually wear my diamond studs which have a screw back so I haven’t changed my earrings for god knows how long! I forgot how much accessories really change your whole outfit! My new years resolution is to up my game with accessories!

If your looking for bridal hair accessories too, look no further The bobby pin is the queen of hair jewellery!!!!

Living Proof: the Best Christmas Gift

It’s no secret how much I love living proof! So obviously it would be on my blog. I’ve picked a handful of my favourites here and it was hard to whittle it down! so this selection is perfect for keeping your hair healthy and styling to perfection. I still have my 20% off code ROXY20 until the end of September so make sure you stock up!

Products for healthy hair

The Night cap is incredible. It gives your hair an instant boost all while you sleep! Just apply to wet hair and leave it to dry. You don’t even have to wash it the next day. your hair feels amazing.

Next is the award wining dry shampoo. Hands down the best I’ve used.

It actually cleans your hair, so instead of it feeling gritty and dry like other dry shampoos do. It feels and looks clean! Apply it to your roots, leave for a few seconds and then brush through or even blast with a hair dryer.

This is my best friend in all season!

Styling Products

The rest are perfect for styling. I always use the 5-in-1 styling treatment before I blow dry as it makes my hair feel fab and it’s my heat protector.

For ultimate styling I create body and volume with the dry volume blast and then to tame it slightly, I use the instant defrizzer. These are the perfect combo. I finish of styling with the flex hairspray for a natural hold/ And as my daughter always tells me when i style her hair – it smells like cupcakes! Delicious!

Revolution Beauty

I fancied some new make up recently and like I said previously, I’m a sucker for cute packaging! So I was so excited when I came across these palette by Revolution Beauty All thier make up is so affordable. I’ll be honest I wasn’t sure how good it would be but I am pleasantly surprised.

Forever Flawless Eye Shadow Palette

The forever flawless palette is gorgeous. I love these sort of burnt colours they always bring out my green eyes and the shimmers are lovely too. you really don’t ned too much on the brush either as the colours are strong.

The Grab a Cup Palette

The grab a cup face palette is really good too. Plenty of shades to use so good all year long, with or without a tan. I used them with a little tinted moisturiser and they really contoured my face just how I like it. Nice and natural, although if you like a heavier look this can definitely be achieved. The palette also has 3 shimmer shades perfect for highlighting.

The Door palette

The door palette has a real variety of colours. some I would never dream of buying on thier own so this is really good if you want to experiment, i love the peaches and the brown tones, but I will give the bright pink a go at some point!

Lip Liners

The lip liners are great! I don’t wear lip stick as it seems to make my lips peel, so I stick to a lip liner all over. I find they stay put. Revolution have lovely shades and they glide on so easily and feel really moisturising on my lips! I shall be getting every colour!

Reusable Make up Removal Pads

Lastly I saw the reusable make up removal pads. I’m all for helping the environment and I get through so many cotton pads usually. so this is great. They are softer than cotton pads and bigger too so really take my make up off well without irritating my skin. They’re so easy to wash by hand and dry quickly too.

Pony – O A christmas Gift Designed for the stocking

So this has been popping up on my feed for weeks now and I’ve always wanted to try it! Soooo glad I did. Such a clever invention.

To put it simply the Pony-O is a hair band that gives you lift in your pony tail. It’s a hard, bendy hair band that you pop your hair in, squeeze tight, then bend the rest of the hair band round the back. ( I will do videos on my social media if that makes no sense to you) It’s surprisingly tight and stays put all day. It totally elevates your pony in a split second.

i ordered two types the Pony – O and the Pony2.O. Basically the Pony-O is thicker designed to hold all your hair up and the Pony2.) is for thin hair and half up half down styles. Honestly I love these and they make my everyday pony look a million times better. they come in different colours and patterns and also have jewellery to attach too! a perfect little stocking filler!

Thanks for reading my Christmas Gift Guide

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Christmas Guide this year, I shall post videos, tutorials and more info on Instagram so be sure to follow me for more top tips!

Merry Christmas, Love,

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