Wedding Hair Trial Tips – The Do’s and Dont’s

Choosing your wedding hairstyle is a tough decision! I have put together some wedding hair tips to help you feel prepared for your wedding hair trial.

Planning a wedding isn’t easy, some of us dream of it all the time but when dreams become reality it can become overwhelming. How do you know what style dress to pick, how much do flowers cost? How should I have my hair and make up?

Us women (and men) are pretty good now at nailing hair, make up and fashion trends on a day to day basis, most probably because we’ve learned from our own fashion faux pas in the past. When it comes our wedding there’s no room for error. My wedding Hair Trial Tips will help you chose a wedding hairstyle right for you and make the process so easy!

How to know what will suit you?

Think about how you wear your hair on a daily basis. This is so important I can’t stress enough! If you NEVER wear your hair up because you don’t really like how you look with it up…having your hair professionally put up probably won’t change your mind either.

If you have naturally curly hair and always wear it curly, then opting for a sleek straight style may look too harsh on you.

If you wear your hair in a knot on top of your head, then you may feel a low bun doesn’t feel…. well you.

Bridal hair is about elevating your natural beauty. So many of us think that we have to look so different to look beautiful on our wedding day and it’s the wrong way of thinking. Think about how you’re most comfortable and go from there. The most beautiful brides are the one’s who feel comfortable and are smiling from ear to ear. Plus your husband-to-be, will be grateful that he still recognises you walking down the aisle when you haven’t totally transformed your image.

Wedding Hair Trial

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Pin all the photos of the hair styles you like, once you start pinning there usually becomes a pattern and you’ll see what style you’re leaning towards. Bear in mind that a photo of a blonde curly up do will look very different to a brunette curly up do. This doesn’t mean to say it wont look amazing, but it’s important to manage your own expectations. All hair is a different in texture, thickness and colour so everyone’s style will look unique to them. That’s a good thing though right? Have a look at my inspiration gallery and follow me on pinterest for some ideas so you come to your wedding hair trial ready!

What to wear to your Wedding Hair Trial?

Anyone else think it’s absolutely mental that when we buy probably the most expensive dress of our lives, it’s usually two sizes too big and there’s a whole lot of imagining and visualisation going on.

Then you don’t get to see your dress for months and have to try and pick out shoes, accessories and hairstyle to suit?

The best way to visualise if your hair will suit your dress is to go to your trial in your wedding dress….Just kidding lol. If you have a top that has a similar neckline to your dress then definitely wear it, or if you haven’t then wear something pretty that makes you feel great.

I also suggest doing your make up too, in a similar way to how you’d want it on the wedding day.

It’s like when you go clothes shopping, if your hair and make up looks nice and you feel good, your normally more successful in finding some new clothes. The days I go shopping in my gym gear, no make up and my hair not done, I usually go home with nothing.

Basically make sure you feel good in yourself and don’t wear your gym clothes lol.

wedding hair trial
Flowers by Fluoresse
Make up by Becca Gray

How to prep for your Wedding Hair Trial?

Ok so this has been a hairstylists argument since time began lol. Personally the way I work is on clean hair.

As long as I can’t seen any greasy roots in sight I’m good. It’s all about the volume for me and greasy roots don’t equal volume. The night before is fine. If you do suffer with greasy hair make sure you shampoo twice and only condition the ends.

Rough dried is fine but the smoother your hair is, the more time I can spend styling it. Please don’t tie it up in a messy bun…those curls and kinks take FOREVER to get out lol.

Photography by Laura Shaw

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